Wardrobe Essentials – Denim

A foundation piece in every wardrobe, but a minefield when it comes to finding the perfect fit… I hate shopping for jeans, I hated it when I worked in Gap and I had what seemed like infinite choices (there’s way more now), and I hate it more now…

Part of it comes down to sizing… no two shops are the same so it’s really frustrating trying to find a style and fit you like in one store when it could be totally different else where. I am currently down to owning two pairs of jeans… one black pair and one denim pair and that’s it… I need to invest in another pair but the thought of braving the high street and trying on forty million pairs does not fill me with any joy.

If like me, you’re subscribed to retailers mailing lists, you may have noticed a few of them have sent emails to their customers featuring their denim, so I thought this seemed like as good a time as any to make a start.

My two trusted pairs are both Skinny:

H&M Shaping Jeans – Indigo £39.99

I bought these by accident thinking they were normal jeans, but the fits was far better, they were a bit more expensive than their normal jeans (they were £49.99 when I bought them just after Christmas 2017), but they have lasted well… even through losing weight over the past two years, they still fit, they really do adapt to your shape. They are comfortable, I do have to wear a belt with them now but that’s ok. I think I will invest in a smaller size.


F&F Premium Skinny Jeans £22

Birmingham - Saturday OOTD 1

I picked these up at the end of last summer in Tesco when I was in one of the larger stores. I had a pair but they were the shorter length which were ideal for summer but not great for Autumn/Winter and I also needed a smaller size, so I got the longer length. I wear these a lot, more recently with a denim shirt, a chunky cardigan and my tan boots through the winter or with a leopard print top and flat shoes come Spring, they go with everything. A good pair of black jeans are definitely a wardrobe essential.

Having never worn skinny jeans until I started work in Gap in 2006, they have become my go to choice of denim… once upon a time, I would have been found in baggy skater jeans and converse trainers, now it’s usually skinny jeans and boots during Autumn/Winter or Toms or sandals during Spring/Summer.

I would say invest in a good pair of jeans, I prefer shaping ones as they fit my shape better, but you can try one of the multitude of styles:





Mom Jeans

The list goes on…

Topshop have a great denim collection although I haven’t shopped there for jeans for years.


I used to wear these years ago and loved them… but as with all things Topshop… the sizing doesn’t favour mid size or curvier girls so it’s been a while since I’ve worn them but would be willing to try them again… maybe.


If they don’t have pockets on the front then I’m not a fan… they’re not practical enough for me. Where do you put things?

Mom jeans – not a style I’ve tried and probably not one I’m up for trying… it’s just not my thing and that’s ok… each to their own.

I tend to prefer jeans with stretch in them so I don’t usually gravitate to straight cut jeans but the fact that they are high rise means they might be flattering on… just not sure I’m a fan of the raw hem.

As nice as these jeans look, I am put off by the button fly… A button fly – why is there any need?


These jeans remind me of my youth… I had many a pair of this style of jeans at university… many memories of soggy ankles because the jeans soaked up the rain but I’d give them a try again I think and style them with trainers for day (maybe not a rainy day) and low heels or wedges at night.

I’ve had the Leigh jeans before years ago and loved them, a great fit and super comfortable. I usually find the length of Topshop jeans is great for me. I might have to give these another try soon.


These look like the perfrct slim fit jeans for those who don’t want a super skinny pair of jeans. I first heard of these ones from The Anna Edit and think they would look great dressed up or down.

These jeans look ideal for Spring/Summer… I love how their styled here with white although I would not be in a crop top. Nobody needs to see that.

I’d been on the hunt for a denim shirt for a while and managed to pick one up in Gap at 40% off just before Christmas, it was a great bargain and definitely a wardrobe essential whether it’s to pair with black jeans, tuck into a skirt or to embrace the double denim trend that’s set to be big this year.

I’ve just remembered I have a stonewash denim jacket (similar colour to this denim shirt) that I got from Primark about 8 years ago and it’s still going strong, I’ll have to give bring that out for Spring/summer when the weather warms up.

M&S are embracing all things denim this season… #Hollysmusthaves launched at Marks & Spencer this week and it featuers a denim edit with lots of wardrobe essentials as well as some trend led pieces. The boiler suit is more of a trend piece (unless that’s your go to style I guess).

Denim Mini Skirt £25

Denim Mini Skirt

Holly says: “This skirt will be rivalling jeans for top spot in my wardrobe this season. I’ll be wearing it with everything from trainers to cowboy boots.”

This is a great skirt, I prefer ones with pockets at the back but that’s just me so I’m still on the hunt for a denim skirt.

As I’m sure some of you know, if you’ve been following

you know I love a denim dress, this all started with my Denim Pinafore Dress from Fat Face last year, but there’s something different about a shirt dress.

Denim Midi Shirt Dress £49.50

Denim Midi Shirt Dress

Holly says: “This denim dress is so versatile. Try yours with a simple ankle boot for a classic look that will see you through season after season.” This denim shirt dress is as comfortable as it is stylish.

Like Holly, I would most likely style this with a contrasting belt either in tan or leopard print rather than the denim one that it comes with to add some interest.

Sadly they didn’t have my size in store so I couldn’t try this on.

Denim Mini Shirt Dress £49.50

Denim Mini Shirt Dress

Holly says: “I’ve always loved the simplicity of a denim dress. This one is perfect for the weekend and looks great styled with trainers.”A gorgeous addition to your everyday wardrobe, this mini dress is designed for a shapely fit that’s sure to enhance your figure.

Made with added stretch for complete comfort, this shirt dress is cut to a mini length with metallic buttons and front pockets, this denim dress makes a lovely choice for stylish weekend wear.

The dress is lovely but if you’re curvy you may find you’re between sizes. My actual size meant the sleeves were too short (although I could turn them up) and a bit tight across the bust but the size up was a bit big… so sadly it’s a no for my shape, but will definitely suit a lot of you.

I tried the skinny and slim fit jeans from Holly’s collection but both were the wrong fit for me. While they fitted at the waist and in the length, they seemed to be baggy around the knees and it just wasn’t a good look. I think I’ll maybe try some of the Topshop styles with some slight reservation based on their sizing (although I have tried a few of their denim skirts and they fitted, they were just too short for someone edging closer to their mid 30s) or stick with my H&M Shaping jeans or F&F jeans when I’m purchasing my next pair.

Where is your go to store to buy all things denim? do you have a particular style of jeans that you prefer? Are you a fan of the double denim trend? Tell me all the things. I love to hear your recommendations.

Hope you have a great weekend.

Gill x



3 thoughts

  1. That denim midi dress is to DIE for. It’s sold out everywhere though, AGH. I don’t usually wear denim as trying to find jeans that fit is a nightmare (hello hourglass & being fat!) but recently bought some girlfriend fit jeans from Gap and some black denim dungarees in Matalan.


  2. I might have to check out Next for a denim skirt, that’s a good shout. Jeans can be so hard to find. I could do with one more pair in my wardrobe. Might have to order some online soon or venture into town and try some on. x


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