Self-care is one of the in things at the moment, everyone seems to be talkng about it… it’s not something I’ve ever been very good at… as a student, I was a night owl and definitely burned the candle at both ends studying, working and socialising. I’m still a night owl at heart although I don’t have the energy to be at the moment.

Something I’ve learned… or I’m trying to learn is that self care isn’t selfish… Particularly since my physical health hasn’t been great since I got gallstones in August and have ongoing battles with migraine (although thankfully they have been much better controlled by medication for the last while), I can’t do all the things I would like to at the moment and it’s pretty frustrating a lot of the time.

More often than not (although it fluctuates), I tend to be in pain and nauseous with the gallstones quite a bit, but it’s the not being able to sleep and fatigue that is a killer, but hopefully I’ll see a consultant at the hospital relatively soon and I can have surgery to remove my gallbladder and begin to get back to normality.

Anyways, this isn’t a pity party as things could be worse… I just have to try and make sure I maintain a better work/life balance and sometimes at the moment sadly my social life has to take a bit of a back seat so that I can work full time and try and focus on my business for the last few months before it finishes in April.

Saying that, the weekend has been a busy and more sociable one than most… on Friday, I spent the evening with friends and their kids, playing board games, then after the kids went to bed, we sat chatting until 2am. I don’t do it often, it was great to have a long overdue catch up.

It did mean that Saturday was spent feeling really tired but still managed to have a productive day – shopping for an outfit for a wedding and tidying the flat for friends visiting on Sunday.

Spending time with close friends who have known me for ten years or more, means that I can do real life with them as well as have fun… this is definitely as important to my self-care as time on my own, especially as it’s often easier to isolate myself when I’m exhausted or in pain with the gallstones.

I came across this quote by Brianna Wiest recently:

Self-care isn’t just about baths or chocolate cake, although they can be a good way to help you relax… that or a gin and tonic!

Here’s some of the ways I try to practice self-care (I should do some of them more often)…

1. Play guitar

2. Journaling

3. Watch a favourite movie/TV show

4. Do a face mask and deep conditioning hair treatment.

5. Reading

6. Go for a walk and take photos

7. Write blog posts

Having a life that you don’t spend your days wishing away… constantly counting down to the next weekend or holiday is the goal… for some of us, that may mean re-evaluating things and making some changes… that could be changing jobs, moving house, taking up a hobby etc.

What does self-care look like for you? Please let me know in the comments.

Hope you have a great week.

Gill x


3 thoughts

  1. I know exactly what I want that life to look like. It would be my life right now without debt or depression. It would also include making a living from my writing. If I had financial stability, a lucrative writing career and no depression, I would be pretty happy with my lot.


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