Skincare Saviours

Back in September, I popped into Space NK in Princes Square…. one of my favourite places in Glasgow whether it’s to wander round the shops, sit in Tinderbox for coffee or go to one of the many great bars or restaurants…

Anyways, I intended to buy a particular lipstick from Lipstick Queen (the one that is green in the lipstick green one that actually is coral when you apply it) but also wanted to have a look at some skincare. After turning 34 in August, I thought it was time that I invested in some good skincare. Cleansing wipes (as well as being bad for the environment aren’t the best for your skin either, but they are convenient, so it’s still something I’m trying to get away from and have dramatically reduced how much I use them)…

I had a wander round the store and looked at some of the products, there was so much choice of both make-up and skincare and the staff really do know their stuff. I was torn between two lipstick shades and wad persuaded to go for a berry colour as it was coming in to Autumn/Winter. I’m so glad I did. I love it!

I was slightly overwhelmed by all the skincare choices so the lovely lady serving me booked an appointment for me to come back in and see their skincare specialist who would do a consultation with me and talk through some key products for my skin.

The store and the staff are lovely, even the area they set up to do the Skincare Consultation is pretty.

I popped back in on the Monday of the September weekend and met Deirdre, she got me some a glass of water and began her consultation by asking a bit about what I do for a living, diet, skin type – I usually have combination skin (or so I thought… more on that later), budget etc. then she picked some key products:


Eye Cream



First up: Cleanser…Until recently, I had never really bothered with or saw the point of doing a Double Cleanse, but it can be a helpful way to really remove make-up and clear the pores.

The first cleanser used was by Caudalie – a French brand that utilises the power of grapes, vines, leaves and seeds to create anti-ageing skincare that’s natural, ethical and ultra-effective.

Caudalie Micellar Cleansing Water £15

The micellar water effectively does away with the dirt and offers an intense cleansing action without causing any irritation to the skin.

All it needs is a gentle wipe with cotton wool and the cleansing water attracts all of the impurities and oil to remove them from the skin. The fragrance is lovely and will leave you refreshed and revitalised.

I noticed that the Micellar Cleansing Water helped combat dullness and left my skin feeling soft.

The second cleanser was also by Caudalie and can be used alone or as part of a double cleanse stage of your skincare routine.

Caudalie Cleansing Milk £15

Caudalie’s Gentle Cleansing Milk, a light, creamy cleanser that’s designed to remove makeup and impurities from the most sensitive of complexions.

This cleanser added a burst of moisture to the skin, the formula left my face feeling smoother, softer, and more comfortable and clear of make-up.

This cleanser is delicate enough to be used twice a day as part of a regular skincare routine. It can be rinsed away with water, or left to nourish the skin.

The only eye cream I’ve ever used is Benefit It’s Potent and it’s great, but I was introduced to this hero product:

Clark’s Botanicals Anti Puff Eye Cream £70

Ever since I was little, I’ve always had dark circles under my eyes, it’s how my dad knew I was tired apparently… that was never going to bode well as I grew older.

Deal with dark circles and puffiness by using Clark’s Botanicals Anti-Puff Eye Cream, is a luxury softening eye cream, that deals with dark circles and puffiness (which thankfully isn’t something I suffer from very often),  formulated to target wrinkles and fine lines to give a younger-looking appearance. This eye cream is filled with active botanical ingredients and vitamins to soothe the skin. Vitamin K tackles the dark circles that can leave you looking tired, while Vitamins A and E takes care of the puffy skin around the eyes.

It may be pricey but I got a little tester pot and it lasted ages. I would definitely save up and invest in this.

I’m sure many of you will be more up on skincare than me (I’ve always paid more attention to beauty products, which isn’t ideal as good skincare is definitely more important in the longterm), but I had never used a serum until I tried the Arbonne serum (you can find out more about Arbonne Skincare here) in the summer. It definitely made a difference to my skin when applied before a moisturiser and now I know why…

I have always thought I had combination skin (and I think maybe to an extent I do), but I was reading an old blog post by Caroline Hirons recently about the difference between dry and dehydrated skin and I think that I’ve often thought my skin is dry when it’s more likely dehydrated.

Anyways, Deirdre explained that a serum helps replenish the skins moisture and can be used on its own or before a moisturiser.

She recommended Algenist Power Advanced Wrinkle Fighter Serum £73

Algenist POWER Advanced Wrinkle Fighter Serum combines breakthrough alguronic acid with a 3D peptide complex to produce remarkable results within just ten days, reducing visible wrinkles by as much as a third.

This complex, powerful serum improves the appearance of even the most deep-set wrinkles, restoring the natural strength and elasticity of the skin leaving it smoother, well nourished and glowing.

The serum felt amazing on the skin, I would have liked to try it over a period of time, but it is pricey and as it was September and I had to budget for Christmas couldn’t justify it. I do have some Christmas money so I think I will have a look at some other serums out there as it definitely helped hydrate my skin and if a serum helps keep the wrinkles at bay for a bit longer then happy days.

The final product I tried was a moisturiser as it was the one thing I wanted to invest in because my skin was feeling ‘dry’, now I know it was dehydrated.

Darphin Hydraskin Light £37

I forgot to take a photo of this on the day…

Photo Cred: Look Fantastic

I’ve never spent as much on a moisturiser before but it’s definitely worth the investment.

Darphin Hydraskin Light, is a lightweight, yet highly effective moisturiser designed for dry, dull, and dehydrated skin. The gel-cream hybrid formula provides hydration without clogging the pores, it made such a difference to my skin (which usually felt tight)… no more dry patches round my nose, my make-up looked better.

I used this morning and night since September and it’s only just run out this week, so I think I may have to invest in another one as using a cheaper moisturiser is just not the same. My skin isn’t in as good condition (while that could be the weather, I think the moisturiser has a part to play too). This year I need to get better at self care and that involves taking better care of my skin.

Do you double cleanse? Can you recommend a serum? What are your skincare saviours? I’d love to know… please comment below or drop me an email.

Hope you have a great weekend.

Gill x








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