Before we start this post, I know lots of people have mixed opinions when it comes to MLM (multi-level marketing) businesses… personally, I love them. I work with Stella & Dot and I have a lot of friends who work with other great companies like Monat, Younique, Stampin Up etc. It’s not a pyramid scheme… they’re illegal! Most people start working with an MLM businesses opportunity because it’s completely flexible and there is an amazing community of independent consultants to connect with along the way as you grow your business.

This isn’t a sponsored/paid post, I just really like some of Arbonne’s products and thought you lovely people might too.

Arbonne launched in the USA in 1980 and launched in the U.K. in 2007 and is in several countries worldwide including Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

I first heard of Arbonne back in 2012/13 when someone wanted me to join as an Independent Consultant for them, but at that point, for various reasons, it wasn’t the right thing for me. I’d already seen Stella & Dot and fell in love with the sparkle and was contemplating becoming an Independent Stylist.

Fast forward to 2018 and Arbonne has been back on my radar as a few friends/family members in various places have become Independent Consultants.

I recently met up with my friend Ross and had a chat about his story and why he got involved with Arbonne. At the core, like helping people improve their lifestyle was a key motivator for him.

Arbonne really seemed to have grown as a health/wellness brand over the years, not just a company that sold shampoo which is how it was presented to me back in 2012 (albeit that wasn’t by an Independent Consultant, but by someone else trying to persuade me to join with them).

We went along to one of their recruitment events so I could get an overview of where the brand came from to where it’s at now and why Arbonne is the modern and cost effective way to shop. By using Independent Consultants, it cuts out the middle man of the store based retailers so reduces costs without compromising on quality.

For over 35 years, Arbonne’s hallmark has been their products integrity. From the beginning, Arbonne has developed products by combining the best of nature with leading science.

Arbonne use pure, botanically based ingredients in scientifically tested products; a pure, healthy lifestyle; and the pure joy of helping others.


Ross very kindly gifted me a sample pack of their skincare before I went on holiday in July.



It contained:

Smoothing Facial Cleanser

Regenerating Toner

Intensive Renewal Serum

Corrective Eye Cream

Extra Moisture Restorative Day Cream

Night Repair Cream



I used some of the sample pack when I was on holiday in Sri Lanka and very much in need of quality moisturiser after getting sunburned. Some of the samples I have used more recently as the weather has gotten colder and my skin has needed more TLC (cleansing wipes and moisturiser do not count as good skincare although it is quick and convenient, it always results in dry and tight feeling skin which is never good).

I’m not overly prone to spots/breakouts especially at 34 but my skin has broken down a bit this week, not sure if it’s the weather, hormones or gallstones (apparently being unwell affects your skin, who knew?!).

I took Saturday as a self care day and rested at home and took time over my skincare rather than rushing in the morning getting ready for work or before bed.

Smoothing Facial Cleanser – luxurious feeling cleanser is excellent for ensuring your skin is clean and clear. The pearlescent creme formula creates a light foam. Excellent for gently washing away makeup. I’ve used this as part of a double cleanse after an exfoliator to really cleanse the skin.

Regenerating Toner – I’ve never really understood Toner (even when I worked for Benefit and in cosmetics in Frasers)… I’ve used it off and on over the years and it’s made my skin feel nice and soft as less oily so it must do something useful. When using Arbonne’s Regenerating Toner, I’ve definitely been aware of the reduction in oiliness around the T-Zone area.

Intensive Renewal Serum – I had never used a serum until I had a facial recently and the person doing the facial used a serum, that reminded me that my Arbonne skincare set had a serum in it, so thought I should actually try it. I just wasn’t really sure if a serum would make my skin oily (and that’s never a good look)… it doesn’t. It rehydrates. I could feel it working straight away as my clearly dehydrated skin soaked up the light, silky textured serum. It leaves the skin feeling smooth and firm.

Corrective Eye Cream – I’ve used more recently since the last of the holiday tan is starting to fade, the dark circles under my eyes are becoming more apparent. The Corrective Eye Cream used morning and night helps cool the eyes and caffeine in it works to reduce puffiness (which I don’t get often) and dark circles. This product leaves the eyes looking hydrated and brighter. It means when I apply my concealer it can do its job of concealing rather than trying to colour correct too.

Extra Moisture Restorative Day Cream and Night Repair Cream helped hydrate my sunburned skin and prevented any peeling on holiday which usually happens and are great for a moisture boost at home. When I did my mini facial st home on Saturday, I by passed the day cream and went straight for the night repair cream as I had no plans to go out and re-applied before bed.

I would definitely recommend the Skincare I like that you can shop the items individually or buy the complete skincare set. Looking forward to trying some of the makeup soon.

Healthy Living

As well as skincare, makeup and shampoo, Arbonne also offer Nutrition to help improve your health.

30 Days to Healthy Living & Beyond – the Arbonne products are formulated to help you get the results you’re looking for and to help support your journey health.

The Arbonne Essentials 30 Days to Healthy Living and Beyond Set contains products that deliver key nutrients like protein and fibre as well as probiotics and enzymes and ingredients to boost energy and metabolism.

All Arbonne Essentials products are:

Vegan-certified, no animal ingredients

Gluten free

No artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners

No trans fat

No high fructose corn syrup or fructose

Standardised plant extracts

Low glycemic index (Protein shake powders)

Kosher certified

30 Days To Healthy Living Programme includes the following products:


The video below explains in more detail the 30 Days To Living and Beyond Programme.



I’ve not yet tried the 30 Days To Healthy Living programme but I’ve heard and read some great things about it.

Having spoken with Ross about my own health journey, I plan to order some of the fizz sticks at some point soon to help boost my energy. I need to step away from the coffee!

Head over to Ross’ Arbonne website if you would like to shop any of the Nutrition products and contact him to discuss the 30 Day to Healthy Living Programme and he will be able to answer any questions you may have.

The Arbonne Opportunity

If you’re thinking you like the sound of Arbonne and what they do, then why not become an Independent Consultant?

It’s the perfect time to start your Arbonne journey!

Now is a great time to sign up to become an Arbonne Consultant as there is no sign up fee so you could earn some extra cash in time for Christmas.

If you would like more information about becoming an Independent Arbonne Consultant, you can contact Ross and he will be happy to help you.

Hope you have a great week.

Gill x


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