Pinafore Dresses Cool or Uncool, That is the Question?

Pinafore dresses/dungaree dresses, whatever the correct name for them is… I love them, now at 34 that may mean I’m not cool, but I don’t care! I like them and I’ve finally found one that fits my shape.

In theory I’m an ‘Apple’ if we’re going by the standard body shape that everybody and their granny seem to use.

I’m 5ft6.5″ and have long arms, long legs and a short body, I am curvy (which means getting dresses/shirts to fit at the bust can be an issue depending on style), have a normal waist (getting smaller as I lose weight… I’m working hard at it this year, it was one of the goals I set myself), I just don’t often wear clothes that are fitted or define it, but I’m getting better at that, having spent years trying to hide away in oversized clothes because I hold my weight in my tummy I usually try to hide it.

I have tried on a few in various stores and they’ve either been too big or small and I’ve had to size up several sizes in some stores because my boobs are too big and then of course the dress doesn’t fit anywhere else.

That is until now… enter the pinafore of dreams!

I had originally gone into Fat Face before going to Birmingham to try on a corduroy pinafore dress that I saw in an email from the store.

The first thing I saw when I went into the store was a gorgeous denim pinafore dress right next to the door. Not what I had gone in for, but I tried it on anyways thinking it wouldn’t fit or suit me, I tried on a size bigger because I thought it would maybe fit… it was too big… I tried my actual size… it fit perfectly! I was worried about it being snug across the bust or middle but I’m not used to wearing many things that aren’t oversized so it takes some getting used to seeing a reflection in the mirror wearing clothes that actually fit properly.

Here she is…

Fat Face Susan Denim Pinafore – £49.50

Yes £49.50 for a denim pinafore is expensive but, I’ve made a decision that I want to move away from fast fashion and buy clothes to last, so I would rather spend a bit more and Fat Face do student discount. As I mentioned before, one of the perks of being college staff is that we also got NUS cards this year. 3 years student discount. Happy days!

Since I’ve had it, I’ve already worn it at least 5 times so that’s £9.90 per wear. Bargain! It’s washed really well too.

This was me trying it on in the fitting room with a stripe top as it’s how I’d style it through autumn/winter. I was unsure at first as I don’t usually wear this shape of dress, but I love that it has pockets and I guess denim loosens off a bit over time too.

After sending the photo to a friend who said that it was a great dress, I decided she was right, so I bought it and left the top. I have a few stripe tops at home and can pick up some in H&M at a later date if I need to.

This is how I styled the denim pinafore when I was in Birmingham earlier this month and I’ve worn it a lot since then, with a leopard print t-shirt or a 3/4 sleeve stripe top underneath and leggings or tights and boots as it’s got colder.

This is how I’ve been styling the denim pinafore most recently as it’s officially turned to autumn and got that bit colder… a 3/4 sleeve top or long sleeve top and this amazing chunky cable knit mustard cardigan from Topshop. Wishing I had ordered the other colour of it now too, but it’s sold out.

The dress I had originally gone into store for was this one…

Fat Face Dedee Cord Pinafore Dress in bottle green (also comes in navy) – £49.50.

When I was in store, the email had just come out and the dress hadn’t actually arrived in their store yet so I couldn’t try it on. I recently check back on Fat Face’s website to see if it was in stock in store. It showed they were low in stock in my size so I called up and asked them to put it aside for me.

I went back for the cord dress, it will be perfect for work through the winter with long sleeve tops and a chunky knit cardigan.

It’s not quite as light coloured as the photo below shows but without brightening editing it slightly, the dress looked black and it’s not. It’s a lovely green colour.

I’ve worn it a few time’s paired with a long chunky knit mustard cardigan from Topshop.

Here’s a few other pinafores from the High Street.

New Look Burgundy Cord Pinafore – £22.99

Burgundy and monochrome is a bold look but a statement worth making. I would probably style this dress with a top with a narrower stripe, but that’s just personal preference.

New Look Blue Denim Faux Horn Ring Pinafore Dress – £22.99

The tortoiseshell rings on this denim dress add some detail that will look great with autumn colours – mustard, burgundy, teal, green, navy etc.

New Look Tall Black Denim Pinafore Dress – £22.99

A black denim pinafore dress is a timeless classic that will never go out of style.

I think I might give this a try, it would be great as another option for work… we can wear what we like and thankfully don’t have to dress too smartly but I get fed up wearing jeans/trousers or the same dresses all the time, so this would be a nice alternative if it fits.

I tried it previously (although I don’t think it was the Tall version) and had to go up two sizes because of the chest and then it didn’t fit anywhere else. Hopefully because I’ve lost weight, changed bra size and dress size then it will fit this time round. I’ll probably end up ordering two sizes and taking one or both of them back.

ASOS Design Cord Dungaree Dress in Oxblood – £35

The burgundy colour of this cord dress is perfect for autumn. I would style it with a black/navy top and mustard cardigan.

New Look Denim Pinny Dress – £22.99

This New Look Pinny dress from ASOS looks fab paired with florals for a boho vibe but will also look great for autumn paired with a long sleeved striped or plain coloured.

I tried this before and the fit wasn’t great, maybe I need to try the tall one.

I love these ones from Joanie Clothing, not sure how they would suit my shape as I’ve not tried them on, but they look gorgeous.

Joanne Clothing – Olivia Cord Pinafore Dress in Navy – £38

I love the vintage feel to this pinafore with the v-neck, the defined waist and exposed zip.

Joanne Clothing Alice Leopard Print Pinafore Dress £22.80

Wear with a top/jumper during the day and on it’s own for an evening out.

Monki isn’t somewhere I usually shop, I’ve been into the Glasgow store once since it opened, they had virtually nothing in my size, the website rarely has anything in my size and I can’t always be bothered trawling around to look for things… but today was a good day, I found this gem of an online exclusive:

Monki Contrast Stitch Pinafore Dress – £30

If the New Look Tall Black Denim one fails, then this one could be promising and Monki might redeem itself… I joke, it’s not a bad store, I always see lovely things on ASOS and on influencers on Instagram, I think I just forget about the store since it’s gone into what used to be the only H&M store I never went to at the far end of the shopping centre so I rarely go to it, so it’s not always on my radar. It’s not Monki’s fault! By the time I remember about it, the item I want is usually out of stock in my size which is probably good for my bank balance. 😆

Which pinafore/dungaree dress is your favourite? I’d love your thoughts, feel free to drop me a comment.

Hope you have a great week.

Gill x


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