These Boots Are Made For Walkin’

As I rely on public transport most of the time (and due to some previous injuries), when it comes to shoes and boots, I tend not to wear heels. My ankle and my knee don’t thank me for it on the rare occasion that I do.

Since Autumn is pretty much here, I figured it was time to do a post on boots since we’re going to be pretty much living in them for the next six months.

I own three pairs of ankle boots and three pairs of ankle boots and three pairs of knee high boots.

Let’s start with the ankle boots…

I have a gorgeous pair of tan leather Chelsea Boots with studs on the sides from River Island that I paid £60 for back in 2013 and have worn them every year since. They’ve been re-soled once or twice and polished and sprayed with leather protector. They need to be re-soled and polished again but they are my favourite ankle boots. They have worn so well and are super comfy.

River Island Boots

I had to have a black pair because they go with everything. They’re another pair of Chelsea Boots. I bought the Office Dallas 2 Chelsea Boots after the swelling of my broken ankle went down last year, I needed boots with a rubber sole that weren’t too flat and still comfortable.

Office Dallas 2 Chelsea Boots in black leather – £79 reduced to £55

These classic boots look great with jeans or worn with dresses/skirts and are comfortable.

Office Dallas 2 Chelsea Boots in brown leather – £79 reduced to £55.

I’m tempted to buy the brown pair for this year. The brown leather will look great with a handbag I picked up at Fat Face recently.


I also have a grey suedette pair from George at ASDA which I love, they were cheap and cheerful and I will be gutted the day that they are worn out. They’re slightly wide at the ankles but great for tucking jeans into and were the only shoes I could wear for a while (other than trainers) after breaking my ankle last year.

The light in these two pictures aren’t great. The boots are a lovely pale grey colour. They definitely need new soles but they only cost £15 and I’m sure new soles cost that so not sure it’s worth getting them soled when I could replace them, although they’re not really a priority. Calf high or knee high boots are my priority and a new winter coat.

George Asda Boots

Grey George Asda Boots

Since I’m looking to replace them soon, it’s a good place to start.

Grey Boots

These Blowfish boots from Office might make a good replacement though. They’re slightly darker and a bit lower but not a bad grey boot.

Blowfish Actor Zip Boots in grey fawn – £64.99 reduced to £45

Blowfish Actor Zip Boots

Blowfish Actor Zip Boots

George at Asda – Grey Faux Suede Chelsea Boots – £12.50

These are a bit darker grey than the boots I have and Chelsea boots rather than cloudy boots, but could be a good replacement.

George Asda - Grey Faux Suede Chelsea Boots

Next Slouch Boots with Buckle Detail £65

These are the most similar to my original pair from ASDA and would be great to tuck jeans in to and wear with dresses/skirts.

Slouch Boots With Buckle Detail

Dune Primma – Grey Checked Panel Chelsea Boots – £48

I love the checked panel detail of these boots.

Grey Checked Panel Chelsea Boots

Grey Checked Panel Chelsea Boots


Here’s the first grey leather pair that I’ve come across that I’ve liked…

Office Lone Ranger Casual Boots grey leather – £80 reduced to £52

I’m just not sure about the colour of the sole but I’m sure if they were comfy I would get over it. Also, can you get grey shoe polish?

Office Lone Ranger Boots

Office Lone Ranger Boots

Leopard Boots

I’ve been looking for a pair of leopard boots since my pair from Primark got worn to death a few years ago. I loved them although they did let water in every time it rained so clearly weren’t the best quality.

New Look – Tan Leather Leopard Print Western Boots – £39.99

These are beauties and not too high a heel as it’s a block heel so as long as they were comfy, that might tick my leopard boot off my list. (I am trying to create more of a capsule wardrobe so only buying things that will go with multiple outfits). I already have a lot that would go with leopard boots/shoes.

New Look Leopard Boots

New Look Leopard Boots

ASOS Automatic Leather Chelsea Boots in Leopard – £45

There’s not many sizes of these left in stock so if you like them, get in quick.

ASOS Leopard Boots

Studded Boots

I’ve had my eye on a pair of studded ankle boots for a while and these Abracdabra Chelsea Boots might just be the ones!

Office Abracadabra Chelsea Boots black leather with gold hardware – £85 reduced to £38

Office Abracadabra Boots

Office Abracadabra Boots

Another pair of studded boots…

Head Over Heels by Dune Black Palmina Block Heel Ankle Boots £63 available at Debenhams. The only drawback for me is that they aren’t leather.

Head Over Heels Studded Boots

Head Over Heels Studded Boots

For you silver girls out there, here’s some boots with silver studs.

Pimkie Studded Buckle Ankle Boots in black faux leather – £29.99

Pimkie Studded Boots

Pimkie Studded Boots

ASOS DESIGN Alas Pointed Studded Ankle Boots in black faux leather – £38

ASOS Studded Boots

Navy Boots

Since I wear a lot of navy, I would love to have a pair of navy boots. I’ve just not come across any that I like yet… that is until now!

George at Asda – Navy Faux Suede Chelsea Boots – £12.50

George - Navy Faux Suede Boots

Another pair of navy Chelsea Boots, this time from Dorothy Perkins.

Dorothy Perkins – Navy ‘Monty’ Chelsea Boots – £25 reduced to £18.75

Dorothy Perkins Navy Monty Chelsea Boots

Next Navy Chelsea Boots – £32

I love the contrasting elastic gusset on these boots. Think I will be making a trip to Next on my lunch break to try and snap these up in store as they’re sold out in my size online, or see if I can order them from another store.

Next Navy Chelsea Boots

Next Navy Chelsea Boots

Brogue Boots

Another burgundy boot (but also a brogue), because if you can’t wear them in Autumn then when can you?

Next Forever Comfort Brogue Detail Chelsea Boots – £58

Next Brogue Boots

Next Brogue Boots

Not quite burgundy but another brogue style ankle boot that I just love…

TU at Sainsbury’s – Tan Sole Comfort Leather Chelsea Boot – £40

If you’re in the market for a tan Chelsea boot, this would be a great classic style that would work with jeans and dresses, and it’s got a good grip to deal with the winter weather.

TU Brogue Boots

The last one in this section technically falls into the next section too, but since it’s a brogue, it can stay here.

It’s a gorgeous knee high brogue boot from Monsoon.

Monsoon Lily Long Brogue Boot in tan leather – £99

These are pretty much identical to my brown ones, just a lighter colour and a slightly higher heel. These are gorgeous. I’d ideally like to find something different since I already have one pair of brogue boots but if they’re comfy, I wouldn’t object to having these ones as they’re a different colour.

Monsoon Lily Long Brogue Boots

Now on to longer boots… as I said earlier in this post, I have a pair of knee high boots that got damaged so they need replaced.

I have a black pair from Jones the Bootmakers, but the elastic at the back has caused the zips at the ankles to ripple so they’re now pretty uncomfortable (particularly on the ankle that I had broken) so I will be parting ways with these and probably looking for a replacement.

I also have a pair of brown leather knee high brogue detail boots that my step mum gave me. I have no idea where they’re from, but I love them. They are a chocolate brown rather than a tan so I don’t tend to wear them quite as often. It depends on the outfit.

Some of the Long Boots below will be calf high and some knee high depending on what’s out there… I’m open to either, it will mainly depend on how my ankle is this year, I find having zips over where it was broken pretty uncomfortable even a year after the injury which isn’t ideal at times especially for choosing boots.

Tan Calf High Boots

Office Knoxville Ruched Calf Boots in brown leather – £115

These leather boots would be timeless classics that will work in your wardrobe with jeans or dresses and skirts, perfect for work or out and about in town, from day to night.

At £115 they might seem pricey but for leather boots it’s worth investing in a good quality pair when you think about cost per wear. I had a pair of leather knee high boots from office for around four years (the only reason I’m replacing them is because I wore them on a Segway ride a few years ago and fell off and they got mangled 🤦‍♀️😆 and it would cost half of what they’re worth to repair them… I’ve persevered with them for the last couple of winters but I think it’s time for a new pair). I’ve also just bought a darker tan handbag and these boots would look perfect with it rather than the lighter tan boots that I sadly need to say goodbye to.

If I buy these I think I would take them to Timpsons and get a rubber sole and heel put on them for more grip during the winter.

Office Knoxville Ruched Calf Boots

Office Knoxville Ruched Calf Boots

Office Kimbo Calf Boots in tan leather – £110

I think the Knoxville’s might just be my favourite because of the block heel, but there’s not much in it between the Kimbo and the Knoxville pair above, they are both gorgeous, it would just come down to fit and comfort.

Office Kimbo Calf Boots

Office Kimbo Calf Boots

Dune Tan ‘Rosalindd’ Ruched Calf High Boots – £99

Gorgeous tan leather calf high boots which will work with jeans tucked in or with dresses and will never go out of style.

Dune Rosalindd Ruched Claf Boots

Dune Rosalindd Ruched Claf Boots

Dune Rosalindd Ruched Claf Boots

Tan Knee High Boots

When I go for long boots, I tend to go for tan because they go with everything, I wouldn’t usually wear black boots with a navy outfit.

These Country Long Boots from Next look fab. I do love knee high boots.

Next Country Long Boots in brown leather – £85

It would just depend how wide they are at the knee. I don’t like boots to be too wide and flapping around but that’s just my personal preference.

These would be great with jeans or worn with dresses at work. I could see me wearing these with my denim pinafore dress that I picked up recently in Fat Face. I love that they do student discount (one of the perks of being staff at the college is we get student discount too).

Comfort is important and would be dependent on how the zip sits on the ankle.

Next Country Long Boots

Next Country Long Boots

Next Forever Comfort Classic Rider Boots in dark tan leather – £90

I love that these boots have cushioning which means that they will be shock absorbing (if you read my post The Elusive Comfy Sandals) you’ll know that comfort is key for me due to the old injuries… my ankle still twinges in the cold, so any cushioning in shoes is ideal.

Jones Bootmaker Phoebe Knee High Boots in Tan – £144 reduced to £99

Limited sizes available online so try your local store for your size.

Jones Bootmaker Phoebe

Dune ‘Taro’ Knee High Boots in Chestnut – £130

The gold details on this boot adds a little extra to these. They’ll look great with a pair of coloured jeans and a chunky knit through autumn/winter.

Dune Taro Knee High Boots

Dune Taro Knee High Boots

Dune ‘Traviss’ Knee High Boots – in tan leather – £135

If you don’t like chunky buckles or too much detail on your boots then these would be ideal for you with just a small gold buckle at the side.

Dune Traviss Knee High Boots

Dune ‘Tilburry’ Knee High Biker Boots in tan leather – £170

I love that it’s the buckle that makes these biker boots. The cleated sole will be great in the winter. Other than the fact they’re a little out of my price range, I would be tempted by these. I’ll look out for a sale or student discount or check and see if Dune are on TopCashback app/website (all about trying to save some money/earn some cash back while shopping where I can).

Dune Tilburry Knee High Boots

Here’s some black pairs for you…

Black Calf High Boots

The only black calf high pair I’ve seen that I liked the look of online were these ones from Dune.

Dune – Black ‘Rosalind’ Ruched Calf Boot in black leather – £99

Dune Rosalindd Boots

Dune Rosalindd Boots

Black Knee High Boots

Next Forever Comfort Classic Rider Boots in black leather – £90

These look like they would be comfortable and that they would work in your wardrobe through the years.

Next Forever Comfort Classic Rider Boots

Next Forever Comfort Classic Rider Boots

Jones Bootmaker Phoebe in black leather – £144 reduced to £99

Limited sizes available online so it might be worth popping into your local store for to see if they have your size in stock.

Jones Bootmaker Phoebe

Zara Flat Boots with Buckle in black faux leather – £49.99

These chic boots will go from office to bar effortlessly and won’t break the bank, but they’re not leather so may not last as long as some of the others here if you want to invest a bit more.

Zara Boots with Buckle

Zara Boots with Buckle

Carvela Petra Knee High Boots in black leather – £139

These gorgeous boots from Carvela at John Lewis & Partners add some edge with the gold buckles and hardware. I love them… I might have to save some pennies for these or have more of a clear out and sell more things on eBay to justify two pairs of knee high boots at the moment.

One is a necessity to replace my damaged pair and I will choose leather as it will last longer, the soles and heels can be replaced so cost per wear is value for money. I’m trying to get away from fast fashion as much as I can and think more about how and where I spend my money.

Carvela Petra Knee High Boots

Carvela Petra Knee High Boots

Another pair by Carvela, they do make good shoes!

Carvela – Black ‘Tock’ Low Heel Knee Boots in black leather – £109

Carvela Black Tock Boots

If you’re not looking to spend too much money (and leather isn’t a deal breaker) but still looking for boots that will last, I would recommend Head Over Heels by Dune. I’ve had a few pairs of shoes/boots of theirs over the years.

Head Over Heels by Dune – Black ‘Tonya’ Riding Boots in black – £68

Head Over Heels Tonya Riding Boots

Head Over Heels Tonya Riding Boots

Head Over Heels Tonya Riding Boots

It’s easy to forget about the supermarkets when it comes to shopping for boots. They’ll usually have more selection online than in store.

TU at Sainsbury’s – Sole Comfort Black Leather Knee-High Boots – £55

These boots are timeless classics and at a great price, definitely worth a try if you’re looking for leather boots.

TU - Leather Knee High Boots

Monsoon Bella Buckle Flat Rider Boots in black leather – £99

Gorgeous boots with soft leather/suede combination will work well with any outfit.

Monsoon Bella Buckle Boots

Monsoon Bella Buckle Boots

Here’s the final pair of black boots and I think possibly my favourite pair of black ones… they tick all the boxes.

Dune ‘Taro’ Knee High Boots, Black Leather – £130

The riding boot style is a classic, the gold hardware brightens the black boots and lifts the look.

Dune Taro Knee High Boots

Dune Taro Knee High Boots

Dune – Black Leather ‘vine’ Knee High Boots in black leather – £150

They have a buckle, they’re knee high and they have a cleated soul so will hopefully give good grip.

Dune Black Leather Vine Knee High Boots

Dune Black Leather Vine Knee High Boots

That’s my round up of some of the ankle, calf high and knee high boots on the high street. If there’s anything in particular you would like me to post on, let me know in the comments or drop me an email and I’ll do my best.

I’m also on the look out for a cheap-ish pair of flat leopard boots so if you happen to see any, please drop me a comment. Thanks.

Hope you have a great week.

Gill x


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