Coats Under £100

Going to work the other morning in a blazer, I realised that it’s actually pretty cold and it’s probably time to start thinking about winter coats/jackets… I have resigned myself to the fact that summer is over and Autumn is well and truly on the way.

I have a coat that is now too big and pretty much falling apart. It was a navy duffel coat from George at Asda, bought five years ago for £20 and it was been worn pretty much every day of winter since… it has served me well, but it I hate shopping for coats. I’m so fussy. I know what I like… usually a duffel coat with a hood but not wool (as mentioned in my Autumn Feels post, I don’t do wool, it makes me all kinds of itchy and grumpy) and it has to be warm and not flimsy like most of the ones I’ve seen over the past few winters.

I bought one last winter from Yours Clothing, it was perfect, it had a fleece lined hood… but I got the wrong size, it was too big and I forgot to take it back before the 28 day return deadline lapsed… so now I have a coat that it way too big (it will be going on Ebay soon) and I’m back to looking for a winter coat for this year!

Since I’ve lost weight, maybe I should look at something different… here’s a few I’ve found…

Some trans-season coats which will be ideal for Autumn/Winter (perhaps not a full blown Scottish winter) and Spring…

Trench Coat

A Trench Coat is always a classic, perfect for Spring or Autumn.

Here’s a few I’ve seen that would be perfect through the seasons (well maybe not in the middle of winter).

There’s an assortment of colours available but you can’t beat a classic so we’ll start there.

ASOS Design Longline Classic Trench Coat £65 in Stone size 4 to 18.

Double breasted will work for some shapes and not others, so it’s a bit of trial and error (for me it often depends on how far apart the buttons are).

This would be a good one if you’re looking for a longline trench.

If you prefer a classic trench coat in a shorter length, ASOS also have a variety on their website.

ASOS Design Classic Trench Coat £55 in black available in size 4 to 18.

If a pop of colour in a coat is more your thing then Marks and Spencer might have the perfect Trench Coat for you.

The Everywear Mac Trench Coat with Stormwear™ £45 in Jade (also available in Black, Navy and Pebble) size 6 to 24.

I have my eye on this Trench Coat from M&S, but I’ve not had a chance to try it on yet.

M&S Collection Trench Coat £99 in Camel available in sizes 6 to 24.

I love that it has a hood and is showerproof which is perfect for Autumn when it’s not quite cold enough for a Winter coat.

Duster Jacket

A Duster Jacket is a great transitional piece as it elevates a casual look without having to wear a bulky coat.

H&M Long Jacket £34.99 in black. Available in size 4-12 online but you may be lucky and find it in your size in store so always worth having a look.

I have a gorgeous grey Duster Coat from ASOS a couple of years ago and I love it, it’s now a bit big so it’s also on my list of things to get taken in (although I do kind of like the oversized look of it so might just buy a giant kilt pin to close it since there’s no button).

Here’s a few Duster Jackets (well that’s what I searched) from ASOS that are pretty great.

ASOS Oversized Coat in Textured Fabric £72: Multi available in size 6 to 18.

I really like the mid length of this, it looks great with jeans but will also look fab with dresses or skirts and boots.

Biker Jacket

A biker jacket is the perfect way to add some edge to your outfit.

I was introduced to this gorgeous faux leather jacket by the lovely Helen at 40plusnotgivingupyet on Instagram.

River Island Black Faux Leather Biker Jacket £60 only available in size 12 online but worth checking in store.

If you’re unable to track down this jacket, they have another lovely faux leather quilted biker.

River Island Faux Leather Quilted Biker Jacket £60 available in sizes 6-18. This is equally as lovely as the one above.

If black isn’t your thing, then how about a suede/suedette Jacket?

Next have a beauty… this is definitely being added to my wish list.

Next Suedette Biker Jacket £52 available in regular and tall sizes, some sold out online so worth looking in store.

Now on to actual winter coats (not including waterproof jackets, because, well, quite frankly, they’re dull and I only wear one when I absolutely have to)…

Duffle Coat

I love a Duffle Coat… warm, a good length and it has a hood which is always a requirement living through a Scottish winter since umbrellas last all of two minutes when the wind blows!

ASOS Design Grey Duffle Coat £65 size 8 to 18.

I think I might order this and give it a try. Usually I stick to navy as it’s a classic but this would go with black and navy outfits so may get more wear out of it. It looks like the perfect length too.

Another grey Duffle Coat this time from Lands End at Debenhams and it’s half price.

Lands End Grey Duffle Coat £80 available in sizes 10-18

Yours Clothing Navy Duffle Coat £69.99 size 16 – 36. Coming Soon

This navy Duffle Coat is the one I have (albeit too big) but it’s clearly a classic and is coming back.

Personally I’m not a fan of faux fur trim on coats so I love that the trim can be removed. The fleece lined hood gives added warmth.

If you like the look of this coat you can set up and email alert to find out when it’s back in stock. It is a plus size brand so will be suited to some and not others. I might give it a try and can always get it taken in as I continue to lose weight.

Double Breasted Coats

Dorothy Perkins Navy Double Breasted Coat £41.25 available in size 6 – 22.

Single Breasted Coats

This gorgeous rose pink coat (although looks more beige than pink) from South of the River Boutique £69.99. Polyester and wool blend available in size 8 to 14.

This coat will look great with jeans or skirts/dresses and will easily transition through the seasons.

Another great single breasted coat, this time from Dorothy Perkins.

Dorothy Perkins Grey Single Breasted Coat £33.75 available in sizes 6-22.

I love this over jeans for a casual look, but would look great for work over a smart dress.

If you prefer a slightly darker colour for Autumn/Winter, Vero Moda at Dorothy Perkins have a grey single breasted jacket.

Vero Moda Dark Grey Revere Jacket £36 available in sizes XS-LGE

I’m not sure how warm this jacket would be, so it may well fall into the transitional jackets rather than a winter coat. It’s hard to tell just from the pictures.

For Autumn/Winter I love a rich colour of coat and they don’t come much richer than burgundy.

H&M Knitted Wool Blend Coat £59.99 available in size XS-XL

I know I said I don’t do wool because it makes me itchy but some wool blends are ok and usually H&M tends to be one of the better stores for using softer wool.

So that’s just a few of the great coats available on the high street at the moment.

The two best times of year to be investing in a new winter coat is January (in the sales of course) and over the next couple of weeks, before all the good ones are gone.

If you’re out and about and see any must have coats, let me know. I’m thinking of doing some try ons and posting on Insta Stories over the next few weeks.

Hope you have a great week.

Gill x


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