Southside Days

I don’t often get to enjoy days in the Southside to go to new places… but on Monday, I got to enjoy my day off (after a busy but incredible weekend away in Birmingham) having a relaxing morning at home. I had planned to do a few things in the flat. They didn’t happen… this girl needed sleep!

I spent the afternoon catching up with my friend Ali and her precious little one who has recently started walking. We met at the Glasshouse in Queens Park. Having lived in and around the southside for pretty much 10 years (give or take the one year I was back in Aberdeen), I don’t think I’ve ever been inside the Glasshouse… I’ve sat outside of it in the sun on several occasions but never ventured inside… we really only went because it had soft play.

Queens Park


After us grown ups had enough of soft play, it was time for a much needed coffee and proper catch up.

We ventured down the hill to Grain and Grind. I’ve walked past it so many times but never had the chance to go in, but Monday was the day!

Grain & Grind

Grain & Grind

I love all the plants and hanging baskets outside.

Inside the decor is minimalist with quirky touches.

Bike on a wall

Flat White

I didn’t get a chance to take too many photos as there were people in and I didn’t want to be the odd girl taking photos.

Old Victoria Infirmary


Pretty Plant & Sugar

The menu has a great selection of food, I’ll definitely be back for brunch sometime.


Time for coffee… we both opted for a Flat White… you can’t beat a good flat white and this was great!

Flat White & Sugar

Ali had a cookie dough brownie which was amazing, I had a wee taste!

I’m so glad there’s a few great coffee shops within a few minutes walk of my house. If you’re in the Southside (or Glasgow area) and you’ve not been yet, head down to Grain and Grind… the coffee and cake is brilliant.

Love local and them out on Instagram and give them a wee like!

Have a fab weekend.

Gill x


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