Power Words

Something I’ve been challenged to think about lately are power words… now, I’ve always known that words have power… what we say, whether positive or negative impact us (and others) directly… whether it’s our own self talk or how we speak to or about others, our words have power.

There are a few key words over the years that have been my watchwords, some pretty fundamental ones to my life that have never changed: faith, hope, love. Some have developed through some of the most difficult times: courage, resilience and my word/phrase of the last few years #iamenough has been a reminder (which I’ve written a bit about before) that I am good enough as a person, just for who I am, not for my income, degree, career, what kind of house I have, family background etc. but also that God (the great I Am) is enough… as well as being creator of the universe… He loves and cares about me and will provide for me, I just have to trust Him (which isn’t always easy, but that’s faith).

I had the phrase #iamenough engraved on to a Stella & Dot Bespoke bracelet (which sadly has been discontinued, you can shop their Bespoke collection here) as a reminder of both these things.

My friend Prue from Cool Calm Collection has launched her own Power Word Tote where you can have your choice of power word printed on to a gorgeous brushed cotton canvas tote. I saw this tote in the flesh back in June when I met Prue for the first time and she had her Leader tote with her (check out her blog post about her Power Word)

(Photo Cred: Cool Calm Collection)

I loved the tote as soon as I saw it because of the bold slogan (and because it’s practical… it has a zip closure which not too many canvas totes seem to have)… Prue mentioned that it wasn’t going to be ready for the public to order for a few weeks so planned to order one before going to Sri Lanka, but decided I would actually take some time to think about what word I wanted to have on my tote.

Originally I was going to go for Faith or Hope as they have got me through life, particularly the last couple of years, but then I decided to go for Enough! I can’t wait for mine to arrive!

If you would like to get your hands one one of these gorgeous Power Word Totes, order online and choose your Power Word.

I love this quote from Rachel Hollis… I’ve been on a journey over the past few years of self acceptance, re-discovering who I am, things I’m passionate about etc. but fundamental to all of it is knowing who I am and that regardless of what people think of me, I am enough!

What’s your Power Word?

Gill x


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