A Grand Day Out

Sorry for the radio silence last week, I’ve not been too well since getting back from my holiday.

I will do a proper post about our trip to Sri Lanka, but I wanted to write about our girly day out for my birthday… we decided to go to Bentota and see the elephants at a Buddhist temple.

Alice (my sister in law) and Leigh (my niece) went on an elephant ride (Adrianne and I had been on one in Thailand on a family holiday in 2004) so we took some photos and videos… I won’t bore you with them all, but here’s one just before they set off on the walk down the road.

After the elephant ride, Kosola and Mr Benat (our tuk tuk drivers for our holiday) took us down to see one of the other elephants (it still had its tusks… I’ve never seen an elephant still with its tusks before). It was incredible!

They truly are amazing creatures.

We walked back up the hill to the temple and had a wander inside… having studied Buddhism at school and at university in one of my classes, I remembered some of the story as I saw it in the pictures, some of it was new to me as it showed how Buddhism was brought to Sri Lanka.

The entrance to one side of the temple.

The second entrance way at the the temple.

After we had wandered round the temple for a while with Kosala and Mr Benat explaining some of the meanings of the art to us, we went outside to have a photo taken with the giant Buddha on a lotus flower.

When we went up the stairs, I noticed that flowers had been laid down on the wall as an act of worship. The colours were beautiful.

Next up on our grand day out, we had spotted a water sports place on our way to the temple and after one failed attempt earlier on in the holiday at finding one (that’s a whole other blog post), we decided to check it out.

Adrianne and I (unprepared with no swimwear… Alice and Leigh always prepared had their bikinis so were good to go) weren’t fussed. Alice and Leigh, despite her 8 and half years) are definitely the adrenaline junkies of the group, they hired jet skis with instructors and had the best time on the water spraying one another, over taking one another and living their best lives while out on the water.

Our final stop on our grand day out was to the Tsunami Museum. Having been in Thailand 6 months before the Tsunami hit, I just hadn’t appreciated that Sri Lanka was also hit and hit as badly as it had been.

The Tsunami Museum is a the house of a family who survived the tsunami and now use it as a museum to inform people of the events of that day.

In the photo above… where it looks like clouds, that’s the top of the second wave.

The movie The Impossible (if you haven’t seen it yet, it’s definitely worth a watch. It is an excellent but emotional film) is a good portrayal of what it must have been like.

Having stood in the aftermath (there’s lots of that area that’s never been rebuilt) and met one of the survivors, it certainly puts life into perspective.

Last thing on our grand day out was a family dinner… After going back to our villa to see our parents and relax for a bit, it was off out for dinner, but before we went out, I got a rare few photos with my dad.

Having parents living abroad, means we don’t see each other or speak to each other as often as we’d like so getting photos together pretty much never happens. I really like this photo… we were both happy and enjoying a good family holiday.

Hope you all have had a great summer.

Gill x


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