40 Things Before 40

So… I turned 34 this week… that means I’ve got 6 years until I hit the big 4-0… that’s a terrifying thought for me… not just because it’s 40 and it’s a fairly big milestone… but because my mum died when she was 40 (not that I think anything will happen to me) this isn’t a woe is me, nor is this a morbid post… this year has been 20 years since she died so I guess I’ve spent some time thinking that there’s some things that I’ve not done yet that I’d like to do by then (some of these are in an ideal world or will depend on me changing job) and 6 years seems like a realistic time frame. I guess it’s a bucket list of sorts.

These may or may not be in order, it may end up just being as they come to mind.

  1. Find a job that I want to do – that makes a difference to people, not just one that pays the bills.
  2. Pass my driving test… at long flippin last!
  3. Buy a car, so that I can go and visit friends and be able to drive people around.
  4. Buy a flat or house and have lots of people visit.
  5. Go to Canada to visit my family.
  6. Spend more time in Cornwall with my family.
  7. Do a post graduate degree or vocational course.
  8. Go to back Australia.
  9. Have a piano again.
  10. Get better at the guitar.
  11. See more consistent growth with my business (Stella & Dot).
  12. Get better at keeping in contact with friends.
  13. Read more.
  14. Take more photos.
  15. Go to more gigs.
  16. Go to New York.
  17. Buy a dog.
  18. Have children (either my own or foster/adopt).
  19. Learn Spanish.
  20. Go to South Africa.
  21. Get to my goal weight and maintain it (yes partly to look better, but mainly to be healthier).
  22. Volunteer with a charity.
  23. Play/sing at an open mic.
  24. Write and record my own music.
  25. See Les Miserables in Edinburgh or London (the last time I saw it was in Edinburgh with my mum, gran and great aunt from Canada).
  26. Spend more time in London, see more of the city.
  27. Go to a Leadership Conference.
  28. Go to Rise Conference in the USA.
  29. Grow my blog and offer social media consultancy services to small businesses and individuals or as Employability skills sessions in community groups.
  30. Train to become a fashion stylist at London College of Fashion.
  31. Do a photography evening course.
  32. Mentor a young person.
  33. See more of Scotland with friends.
  34. Take my niece on holiday.
  35. Get a tattoo.
  36. Visit Aberdeen more often to see University friends.
  37. Be a more gracious and forgiving of people.
  38. Be intentional about sending cards/letters and small gifts to people (when possible) for no reason, other than just to write to them rather than text or email. Receiving mail (that isn’t a bill, junk or a bank statement) is great!
  39. Don’t be defined by the past… let it go!
  40. Look forward to the future!

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