Rice & Carry

Having spent almost two weeks in Sri Lanka, I’ve seen some incredible things, the beautiful villa we had the joy of staying in, of course the incredible beaches… but I’ve also seen a lot of dirt, plastic all over the streets and beaches and a whole lot poverty… with a lot of people trying to earn their living by selling their creations (from sarongs to shells polished and shaped into animals) to generally uninterested tourists on the beach.

Earlier this week, we went a wander to some of the shops near the beach and came across one selling Rice & Carry Bags

Rice & Carry are a Social Enterprise based on the East Coast of Sri Lanka and aim to empower and support communities in the region rather than optimising on profit.

Rice & Carry bags are made from locally collected and carefully cleaned recycled materials. All fabrics used are fair trade certified and made in Sri Lanka by local women who have become creative professional manufacturers as a result of their time working with them.

I love this company’s ethos… that they treat women with equality and enable them to gain skills that they may not otherwise have had or gives them a space to use and develop their existing skills and experience while upcycling materials that would otherwise have gone to landfill.

Check out their video to find out more…

If you like the bags, or upcycling and are passionate about seeing women upskilled and thrive in their work… then check out Rice and Carry on Facebook or Instagram

I’m not sure if they ship to the UK, but they have a contact page on their website so it’s always worth asking.

Have a fab weekend whatever you’re up to.

Gill x


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