Girl Stop Apologizing

Last week Rachel Hollis New York Times bestselling author of Girl Wash Your Face, shared the cover of her new book: Girl Stop Apologizing: A Shame Free Guide For Embracing and Achieving Your Goals. The book launches 12th March 2019 but is available to pre-order.

If this book is anything like her first book Girl Wash Your Face, I just know it’s going to be great. You can read my post about it here.

It’s all too easy to hold on to shame and apologise for who we are, but over the last few years, I’ve grown in confidence and I’m done apologising for who I am. I know that I am enough as a person regardless of my qualifications, career choices etc. but I look forward to reading Rachel’s helpful tips and learning from her experiences and setting and achieving my own goals.

I know I’ve been guilty of setting goals and not following them through so I’d like to set some and actually follow them through… even if that means fighting my way through it.

Hope you all snap this book up at Amazon. I’m not sure yet where else it’s available to pre-order in the UK but will keep you posted when I find out.

If you’ve read Girl Wash Your Face or follow Rachel on Social Media, why not come and join our #chictribeuk on Facebook it would be great to have you join us.

Gill x


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