Cornerstore Coffee Bar

I love coffee as much as the next person… sadly I’m not meant to drink it very often these days (stupid migraines), but every so often I’ll treat myself to one or two.

I’ve recently discovered a new local coffee shop… Last week I visited Cornerstore Coffee Bar for the first time… it’s a stone’s throw from my house which makes me all kinds of happy! Sadly it’s only open (during the week) when I’m at work, but that means I’ll just have to pop in of a Saturday or Sunday to make the most of this little gem!

Thanks to the lovey weather we’ve been having, there were seats outside which is great as there’s not too many places in Battlefield to sit outside off the main road.

When I walked in, I was greeted by Scandi vibe coffee bar with wooden floors and a wooden coffee bar.

Bold menus propped against the wall with amazing looking food.

Coffee for sale to take home with you… yes please!

There’s a few smaller tables by the window (perfect for watching the world go by) and a long table in the centre with magazines (Vogue and a few other titles which I couldn’t see from where I was standing)… had there not been someone sat there, I would have snapped a photo.

But here’s a photo of my Flat White (in a cup) instead.

It’s one of the best flat whites I’ve had in a long time.

As I have my own business, I love to support other local businesses where I can. I look forward to popping in again soon.

You should definitely visit if you get the chance. The staff are lovely and friendly so you’ll get good chat.

Gill x

P.S – this is not an ad, I just love the coffee and their business.


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