Holiday Capsule Wardrobe

This week is my first long haul trip in a few years… and the first time I’ll have seen my family in 10 months and I can’t wait… Just over 2 weeks in the sun! It’s been super stressful getting to the point of packing and actually going away. As my step-sister always says… “If something bad is going to happen, it will happen to you.”

A month ago, I had my handbag stolen and you’ve guessed it, my purse, phone, keys and passport were all in said handbag… it’s been a quick turnaround to get everything replaced to be able to get a new visa and passport (which was sent to the wrong address… thanks HMPO!)… but all is well in the world, I posted a note through each of my neighbours doors and one of them kindly returned it to me… new visa paid for, so it’s T minus 2 days until this amazing holiday.

Anyways, enough about that drama… anyone who knows me well (or who has travelled with me, even for a weekend away), knows I don’t travel light… but this year, I’ve had to buy some new clothes (I’ve lost a bit of weight and will continue to lose weight when I come home so there’s no point in buying loads of new things when I’m not quite at my goal weight) and found some clothes I had set aside for when I lost weight, but I have less of a selection which is forcing me to pack lighter than normal.

I’m trying to create a holiday capsule wardrobe as much as I can.

Obviously there’s the essentials – underwear, pyjamas etc. (I usually take some underwear, and an outfit in my hand luggage too. I have an irrational fear of my suitcase being lost/delayed… it’s never happened before, but you know, better to be prepared).

Maxi Dresses are easy to wear, particularly when it’s hot and I can’t decide on an outfit, so I’m taking two of my favourites jersey maxi dresses from H&M a couple of years ago that I kept and set aside. One in green and one in black.

There’s a similar one at H&M in black here

Next up in the same theme, I’ve got a black maxi skirt (with pockets) and a navy maxi skirt from New Look, they don’t seem to have anything similar online at the moment but they’re just plain maxi skirts so I’m sure you’ll be able to pick up similar elsewhere). I intend to wear these with vest tops or t-shirts (to cover my shoulders to stop me getting sun burned).

This cute V-Neck dress from H&M will be a go to easy wear piece for day or night. Thankfully we have a washing machine as this might be worn on repeat.

Since I usually live in jeans, I couldn’t live without denim for just over two weeks, so I had to take my M&S Denim Midi skirt with gold buttons and pockets… I love this skirt (it’s slightly too big now, but I can just get away with it, I’ll get it taken in soon)… It goes with everything, vest tops, t-shirts. Here’s a similar one on Marks and Spencer’s website.

I’m not usually a shorts person, but I saw these cute ones in Fat Face, but they didn’t have my size so managed to pick them up in John Lewis.

Fat Face – Tiger Shorts

For during the day, culottes from ASOS will be a go to with vest tops or basic t-shirts. I don’t have photos of them, but I have a black pair and a green pair (from a couple of years ago). You can still get the black pair online here

Most of my basic vest tops are from H&M – 2 black, 2 white, 1 charcoal grey, 1 teal, 1 navy, 1 burgundy.

I picked up this Gap Swing Tank in green in the sale on Friday –  for wearing with culottes or tucked into my denim skirt.

I also picked up this Gap Black Pleated Midi Skirt in the sale (it’s cheaper in store) will mainly be worn for evenings most likely with the Red Herring Tie top or a gorgeous M&Co black and white beaded top (which I sadly have no photos of and they have nothing similar on their website).

I thought this Red Herring Black Tie Top could be worn with pretty much anything – thinking it will look cute with the tiger shorts during the day and the black pleated skirt at night.

Next comes the all important swimwear (I hate shopping for swimwear so dragged a friend along with me)… off to good old M&S we went and other than the lack of size options available in store, they had a good selection of styles and designs. I tried a tankini for the first time in years but decided that it could be all kinds of annoying so opted for a swimsuit.

Here’s the two I chose…

A gorgeous black and white geometric print swimsuit with secret slimming technology… all about looking slimmer.

I got the matching beach dress to go with it because it was cute and it’s not see through so I can wear it out and about too.

I had this Navy  Swimsuit  last year. I love the ruching detail and secret slimming panel which flatters the figure so hopefully I will feel comfortable and confident wearing this (this one is just the size smaller).

When I saw this Blue Cotton Beach Dress in store, I initially wasn’t sure about it, but when I tried it on, I loved it… I’ll use it to cover my shoulders to try and stop me from burning… I usually burn in Glasgow really easily so thought I’d be sensible when we’re in Sri Lanka and try and protect my skin as much as possible (I even bought a hat to protect my hair).

Shoes… usually I end up taking loads and not wearing them, so this year I’m going to be good and just take a few pairs.

I’ve got two pairs of flip flops for the beach… one to go with each swimsuit. One pair of flipflops for wearing out and about, a pair of slides and a pair of sandals.

My Freewaters are probably my favourite fliflops of all time, they are the comfiest, I have worn them to death (there’s hardly any grip left on the sole so hopefully Timpsons will be able to do something to fix them) but they’re still my faves. I got them in Dubai a few years ago. I love that they donate water to people who can’t access clean water.

I recently treated myself to some Toms Clarita sandals since I love their shoes. They’ve just gone into the sale at House of Fraser so I’m debating ordering the Toffee pair as well (although I do need a pair of shoes like a hole in the head, but they’re comfy).

My other pair of sandals are gold gladiator sandals by Lotus which I got from Debenhams a few years ago and are no longer available but you can order them here

I love that these sandals can go from day to night effortlessly.

So that’s pretty much my holiday outfits, give or take a few tops (and of course toiletries but I won’t bore you with that).

So that’s my attempt at a holiday capsule wardrobe, I’d love to know some of your favourite summer pieces. Feel free to comment below.

Hope you have  a great week.

Gill x


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