If you’re anything like me, when it comes to looking after your hair, you’ll be pretty fussy… I’ve pretty much had the same hairdresser for years. There’s the odd time I’ve gone elsewhere (usually if I’ve been away or I’ve been lured in by a special offer) and I’ve always regretted it and gone back to her, because she gets me, she knows how I like my hair, everything from the colour to the cut… to when I say “Do what you want with it” means, do what you want within reason (i.e. I don’t want to leave with pink hair!… not taking too much off the length, I still like my hair to be able to curl, we’ve played about with my hair being dark and blonder but I think balayage is my happy medium)… Recently she messaged me to let me know she was leaving the salon she originally worked at to go freelance and was going to be based in another salon, I’m so glad she did, although the salon is slightly further away, it’ll be worth it to still keep the same hairdresser.

Anyways, when it comes to hair products, I tend to use the usual high street brands (or whatever is on offer in Boots), I have always wanted to invest more in better hair care but you know, bills to pay and other things have taken priority…

Monat (Modern Natural) is an American haircare company which has just launched in the UK in the last couple of months and my friend Iona recently became a Market Partner with them. I had heard of the company because I have some friends in America, but I knew nothing other than the name.

Who are Monat you ask?

After watching a Facebook Live, I sent Iona a message as my hair has been falling out and thinning for a few years due to stress and side effects from migraine medication, she sent me a few consultation questions and replied with her recommendation.

She recommended *Monat Black (which is usually recommended for men, but don’t let that put you off… it doesn’t have one of those overpowering manly shampoo/shower gel smells), followed by an intensive repair conditioner, but as she didn’t have any samples of it, she gave me the *Monat Revitalize Conditioner instead.

Then came the list of instructions of how to use the products… who knew that all this time I’d been washing my hair wrong!

Now, to be fair, I usually use too much conditioner to keep the ends of my hair feeling healthy which probably isn’t the best plan, but it’s been kinda working for a while. I’m sure Natasha my hairdresser would disagree.

Here’s a photo of my hair before using Monat so you can see the difference…

For the first wash, take a penny sized amount of Monat Black shampoo and conditioner, massage from scalp to ends and leave for 2-3 minutes, this wash WILL NOT lather. I thought, it’s shampoo, of course it will lather and sure enough as the instructions said it didn’t. On the SECOND shampoo (who knew you had to shampoo your hair twice… I mean hairdressers do it, and I do it if I’m on holiday and swimming in chlorine or at the beach, but not every time I wash my hair), again take a penny sized amount and massage it from the scalp to ends and this time it WILL lather and guess what? It did! (way more than expected considering the small amount of shampoo I used) and leave for 2-3 minutes, this helps the vitamins minerals and natural ingredients penetrate the hair and do their thing.

Usually, I don’t leave my shampoo on for any length of time, so this was a new concept to me. I always leave my conditioner on for 2-3 minutes but there were no instructions for how long to leave the conditioner on for. Just to take a penny sized amount of Monat Revitalize Conditioner and apply from the ears to the ends of the hair and comb through. I left it for about 3 minutes and rinsed then styled as usual.

Styling my hair was much easier, drying it took less time (but that may have been because I was faffing about deciding what to wear due to the hot weather), straightening it was easier and it was less frizzy and had much less flyaway hair at my roots particularly where my hair is thinning.

Here’s what it looked like after I used Monat!

The second time I used the products, I decided to curl my hair (my hair is naturally curly but due to it falling out and thinning, it has struggled to hold its own curl without using straightners or a curling wand). I haven’t tried to just scrunch my hair and let it go curly since last summer (I try to give my hair a bit of a break from heat products during the summer), so I used the shampoo and conditioner as directed and then used a small amount of John Frieda Frizz Ease Curl Reviver Mousse and Dream Curls Spray (less than I would have had to use before) and my hair went into nice beachy waves, not the curls that it used to, however, on my third wash using the samples, my hair has gone a lot curlier, is much less frizzy and is looking a lot lighter and less brassy which is great. Sadly I don’t have any photos with my hair curly at the moment.

Usually I have to wash my hair every day, but using Monat, I can easily get to every second day and possibly a third day (maybe not during summer… but loving this hot weather Glasgow’s been having!!).

I’m definitely loving the volume that these products give and that they are able to control my hair in this hot and humid weather we’ve been having lately. It’s safe to say I’m a fan and look forward to trying some more of the range of products in the future.

To get your hands on Monat, you can shop online which is fine I guess, but… you ideally want a consultation to work out the best haircare system for you. Iona will be able to help with that, she will ask you some questions to find out a bit more about your hair type and then send some recommendations on what she thinks will work best for you and talk you through the products and also the VIP programme.

If you try and love Monat and want it all, then maybe the business opportunity is right fore you… you can work flexibly around your lifestyle selling Monat via Social Marketing (whether that’s in person by telling people about the products and of course showing off your hair before and after using the products or online via Social Media), then why not join Iona as a Market Partner.

Get in touch with Iona via her Monat Facebook Group, she’ll be happy to help you out and answer any questions.

I’d love to hear which Monat products you try and what you think of them.

Gill x

*Please note that this post is NOT sponsored, however, I have tried the Monat products mentioned as a free sample.


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